Worcestershire Mums Network was founded in November 2013 by Siani Driver following the birth of her first daughter. She found that the vast majority of online parenting groups were somewhat judgemental, critical and competitive, and felt that there was a huge need for a safe, supportive space for mums to share their real experiences of motherhood without being criticised for it.
From just a few ‘mum mates’, the group grew and evolved into the 3500 strong local network it is today, with over 20 dedicated volunteer admins providing peer support, empathy, and friendship through day and night. As well as this, the local nature of the group means that women can ask specific questions about their area, and get detailed, immediate answers to their queries.
Worcestershire Mums Network is proud to be working with Worcestershire Early Help, Action for Children, Worcestershire Antenatal and Postnatal, and the NCT to support, inform and network with mums all over our county.
We have a strong focus on supporting maternal health,  and will do all we can to signpost women and families towards local organisations and services that can help them if they are struggling in any way.